Winter School 2020

Hyderabad Urban Lab

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A three-day ONLINE course | November 27-29, 2020

Pandemic & the Southern City

The deadline for Pandemic & the Southern City has been extended till November 11:00 pm, 17th November, 2020.

For any clarifications on application process, contact us on 9618251776 or

Pandemic & the Southern City is a 3-day online course offered by Hyderabad Urban Lab (HUL) as part of its Winter School programme. Several faultlines of India's urban centres were exposed in unexpected ways in the wake of Covid 19 pandemic, the extended lockdown and the slow opening up. These unravellings are expected to continue for years to come.

Who is it for ? This course is curated for graduate students, early career scholars, and professionals with an interest in cities of the global south. The faculty, working together with the participants will aim to distil lines of inquiry and agendas to pursue in the coming months and perhaps years. This course is for you, if you are

  • At the threshold of a career in urban studies and urban practice or

  • At a point where you are beginning to wonder if there are more intuitive ways to think about cities than the canonical knowledge allows.

The course content will draw on HUL's work, selected readings from important texts in the growing body of southern urban theory, films, lectures, interactions and assignments.

Together with preparatory work to be done by the participants, the total time commitment would be around 30 hours. All participants will receive a package of resources before the commencement of the course and a certificate at the end.

Please fill in and submit the application form here before 16th November 2020. Please see details of expected contribution here.

Winter School 2020

  • What does the return migration of millions of workers from our cities tell us about rural-urban linkages?

  • Did the pandemic bring together households and neighborhoods or did it tear them apart ?

  • Is density a good thing as we have been repeatedly told in the last two decades ? How does it square with social distancing norms ?

  • Has the economy come to a grinding halt in all domains ? Or has it been thriving in some sectors, broken down beyond repair in others ? How do we learn to recognize the signs ?

These are some of the questions on which the faculty will lead in-depth explorations. The goal would be to work with each participant to articulate a personal position that will serve as a guide to intellectual inquiry and committed practice.

COVID – 19 has revealed not only the multiple fault lines of our urbanizing society but it is has also fundamentally challenged our understanding of how cities work. It also revealed to us the limits of urban theory and it has validated many of the lessons we have learnt from our practice over the years in different cities.

Learning: HUL’s Commitment

The Pandemic and the Southern City draws on three main types of resources:

  • The learning resources generated through embedded research done by HUL in Hyderabad and other cities

  • The collective intellectual resources that belong to a number of scholars committed to making sense of India's urbanisation

  • The practice of the faculty members, particularly in the last 8 months which challenged our imaginations in more ways than one.

Learning, teaching, training and mentoring are fundamental to the HUL process. In normal circumstances, all these activities are intensive on field work. Most of our programmes are deeply embedded in localities. Deeply multi disciplinary and committed to an ethic of community and collaboration first, our work is at once conceptual and empirical.

Each year, we host several workshops, short and long duration courses in collaboration with national and international institutes of higher education. You may read more about these here.

Glimpses from HUL's pedagogy workshops and courses, organised in collaboration with Davidson College, North Carolina, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai and St. Francis College, Hyderabad.

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(L-R): Urban 101 Workshop conducted for students of St. Francis College, Hyderabad in 2018; TISS Mumbai students at Lakdi ka Pul, the site studied in Hyderabad during the 12 day TISS-HUL Winter Institute 2019 Programme; students from Davidson College, North Carolina, USA, presenting from their work during the 12 day Semester Abroad workshop, in October 2017.